Student Handbook & Catalog

2024-2025 Interactive College Handbook

Students should be familiar with the information found in the Southern Union State Community College Catalog and Student Handbook.  The Catalog and Student Handbook is your official source of information for College policies and degree information. The Catalog and Student Handbook are great to use as a curriculum guide, but always make sure to consult an academic advisor to ensure that you are on track to meet your educational goals.

The College Catalog and Student Handbook provides SU students with quick and easy access to information about the College, as well as discipline guidelines and policies of the College.

SUSCC archives printed copies of all past official Student Handbook & Catalogs in the Learning Resource Center on the Wadley Campus. A continuous backlog of catalogs since 1962 is maintained in their original published form. Contact the Wadley library, 256.395.2211 x5130, for assistance.

To view previous Southern Union Student Handbook and Catalogs, select the links below: