GPA Calculator - Health Sciences

Cumulative GPA Calculator

This calculator is to be used to ESTIMATE a cumulative gpa.   No warranties are made as to the accuracy of grade point calculations using this calculator.

Please follow the directions for entering grades from your previously completed college coursework. All grade point averages will be recalculated upon application to the nursing programs.

Directions for estimating the cumulative gpa for core nursing classes:

  1. Review the curriculum for the Associate Degree Nursing Program.   The core courses that will be used are normally indicated in bold and/or italics.  These are courses such as ENG 101, MTH 100, PSY 210, SPH 106 or 107,  BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 220, and a humanities elective.  
  2. Obtain copies of your college* transcripts.  Locate the course(s) that have transferred into SUSCC or that you have completed at SUSCC and type the number of semester credit hours and the letter grade you have earned for each class. (If you attended a college that calculated quarter hours, the quarter hours must be converted to semester hours.) The calculator converts your letter grades to grade points automatically.
  3. Only completed courses with grades on transcript at the time of application deadline may be considered.  Include all core class grades that have been completed but use only the courses included in the curriculum. 
  4. For courses that have been taken more than one time, use the best grade in the calculation.
  5. Grades to be included in grade point average calculations include the following denoted types: A, B, C, D, F, IP, S, U, and I. Grades of W or WP do not factor as attempted/quality hours. Grades of I or WF factor as F.
  6. Repeats:  
  • If you have repeated a course, use the highest grade only in the calculation.  
  • For core classes that have been completed but not repeated, the first grade earned must be included in the calculation.
  • For those with more than one math course, use the best grade in the calculation (math 100 or higher level math).
  • For more than one humanities elective, use the approved elective with the highest grade.  Refer to the list of acceptable humanities electives below.  

*Additonal guidelines:
GPA calculated only on transcripted hours from colleges accredited by one of the six regionally accrediting agiencies (i.e. SACS).  Colleges with other acceditation types are not used in calculation.

Developmental or remedial level courses in math, English, or reading are excluded in the gpa calculation.

Some colleges denote columns labeled "quality hours" in addition to "attempted hours." For such colleges, use "quality hours" in GPA calculations. For colleges not denoting "quality hours", use "attempted hours" in GPA calculations.

Humanities Elective

Most courses from Area II of the Alabama General Studies Curriculum (AGSC) can be used to satisfy the humanities elective requirement. The courses taught at SUSCC that can be used for the elective are: ART 100, Art Appreciation; MUS 101, Music Appreciation; THR 120, Theater Appreciation; IDS 102, Ethics; HUM 101, Introduction to Humanities;  ENG 271 or 272, World Literature; ENG 251 or 252, American Literature, REL 151, Survey of Old Testament; or REL 152, Survey of New Testament. If you are transferring from other colleges or universities, you should check with an Academic Advisor regarding transfer of your course(s).