Faculty & Staff

 Administration & Staff      
 Title  Name  Email  Extension
 Dean, Technical Education & Workforce Development  Eric Sewell  esewell@suscc.edu  Ext. 5492
 Director, Technical Education  Joffrey Moore  jmoore@suscc.edu  Ext. 5565
 Director, Workforce Development  Tyler Nelson   tnelson@suscc.edu  Ext. 5578
 Director, Aviation Technology      Ext. 
 Fame on the Plains Coordinator  Tim Beasley  tbeasley@suscc.edu  Ext, 5414
 Success Coach  Shawn Mitchell  smitchell@suscc.edu  Ext, 5324
 Success Coach  Stephen Savage  ssavage@suscc.edu  Ext. 5325
 Receptionist, Downtown Campus  Ruby Carter  rcarter@suscc.edu  Ext. 5600
 Assistant to the Dean  Michelle Etris  metris@suscc.edu  Ext. 5490
 Program  Instructor  Email  Extension
 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  David Burdette  dburdette@suscc.edu  Ext. 5386
 Automotive Service Technology  Greg McDonald  gmcdonald@suscc.edu  Ext. 5387
 Aviation Technology  Mark Williams  mswilliams@suscc.edu  Ext. 5327
 Aviation Technology    Daniel House   dhouse@suscc.edu  Ext. 5327
 Cosmetology  Gail Sadler  gsadler@suscc.edu  Ext. 5601
 Cosmetology  Marquita Wright  mwright@suscc.edu  Ext. 5604
 Engineering & Design  Steve Manos  smanos@suscc.edu  Ext. 5394
 Electrical Technology  Gus Tucker  gtucker@suscc.edu  Ext. 5362
 Machine Shop Technology/CNC  Alvin McCormick  amccormick@suscc.edu  Ext. 5474
 Mechatronics      Ext. 5391
 Mechatronics  Robb Railey  rrailey@suscc.edu  Ext. 5395
 Plastics Engineering Technology/ Mechatronics  Bill Clifton  bclifton@suscc.edu  Ext. 5481
 Welding Technology  Derrick Crosby  dcrosby@suscc.edu  Ext. 5389
 Truck Driving Training  Kevin Bauer  kbauer@suscc.edu  Ext. 5566
 Truck Driving Training  Justin Hatch  jhatch@suscc.edu  Ext. 5493