CPR Information

AHA Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR Certification

Who: This is for Southern Union students and non-Southern Union students. This is also for first-time certification or renewal certification.

How: There are two parts to becoming certified in CPR. Part 1 is the Heartcode BLS course taken online through American Heart Association. You must do this on your own before coming to Part 2.  Part 2 includes the Skills Check-Off Session completed at Southern Union State Community College (or another institution of your choice) in room 201 of the Health Science Building on the Opelika Campus.

Part 1 – Heartcode – BLS - Register Online through American Heart Association

  • Go to https://shopcpr.heart.org/heartcode-bls to register
  • You will put “1” in the quantity box to place “Heartcode BLS” in your cart ($36.00).
  • You will receive an e-book, watch a video, answer questions about the video and then complete a 25- question test.
  • Once you have completed the entire Online Portion, print the Online Part 1 Certificate of Completion. You must bring your PRINTED Certificate of Completion to the Skills Check-Off Session.

Part 2 – Registering for Skills Check-Off Session – Done on Southern Union Campus

  • Once you successfully complete Part 1 (online portion), you will receive a Part 1 Certificate of Completion and you will need to sign up for a Skills Check-Off Session at Southern Union.
  • Click on the date below that you would like to register for
  • You will choose a provided Check-Off date and time, complete the demographic information and pay $24.00 by credit/debit card. You must bring your PRINTED Certificate of Completion to the Skills Check-Off Session.


  • You must bring your PRINTED Certificate of Completion in order to complete  the Skills Check-Off Session.
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late for your Skills Check-Off Date, you will NOT be able to participate and you will be moved to the next Skills Check-Off Date. You will not have to pay the $24.00 again.
  • You do not have to be Checked Off at Southern Union, but your CPR Card must say: “BLS – Healthcare Provider or “BLS Heartcode” and it must be from American Heart Association or The Military Training Network (MTN) which is AHA approved. NO OTHER ORGANIZATIONS WILL BE RECOGNIZED EVEN THOUGH THEY CLAIM TO BE FOLLOWING AHA GUIDELINES (example: Red Cross).
  • If you do not pass your Check-Off Session, it will be suggested that you sign up for the next check-off session by filling out another registration form and paying another $24.00.  You will not have to complete the $36.00 online portion again as long as your check-off session is completed successfully within 60 days of the date on the online Part 1 Certificate of Completion 
  • If you are entering a Southern Union health science program, your card does not have to be acquired from Southern Union, but it does have to be from American Heart Association.

Day of Check-Off Information:

  • Please arrive 20 minutes early for your Check-Off. 
  • Bring your own writing instrument.
  • You must bring your PRINTED Certificate of Completion to the Skills Check-Off Session.
  • You will receive your CPR Card within a few days of a successful CPR Check-Off. 
  • If you do not receive your card within a few days or if you have any questions about the CPR Check-Off process, please email Liz Wyatt (ewyatt@suscc.edu).


CPR Class Registration

To complete the registration process, you must submit payment.  Students will  receive a confirmation email. 

 No-shows will not be refunded and will need to register and pay for another class.  
You must bring the Certificate of Completion to the Check-Off Session.