GPA Calculator

24 Semester Hour Cumulative GPA Calculator

This calculator is to be used to ESTIMATE the last 24 credit hour cumulative gpa for certain  programs in Health Sciences.   No warranties are made as to the accuracy of grade point calculations using this calculator.

Please follow the directions for entering grades from your previously completed college coursework. All grade point averages will be recalculated upon application to the radiologic technology, nursing, paramedic or surgical technology programs.

Directions for estimating last 24 semester credit hour grade point average:

  1. Obtain copies of your college* transcripts. Beginning with the last course taken, type the number of semester credit hours and the letter grade you have earned for each class. (Quarter hours must be converted to semester hours.) The calculator converts your letter grades to grade points automatically.
  2. Grades to be included in grade point average calculations include the following denoted types: A, B, C, D, F, IP, S, U, and I. Grades of W or WP do not factor as attempted/quality hours. Grades of I or WF factor as F.
  3. Repeats:
    1. For course(s) repeated once, only the second is considered.
    2. For course(s) repeated more than once, the second and all subsequent grades earned for the course are considered.
  4. Continue entering grades in reverse chronologic order until you have reached a total of 24 sh. Only completed courses with grades on transcript at the time of application deadline may be considered.
  5. Stop entering courses as soon as possible after you reach a total of 24 sh. You may reach 24 hours by using whole term totals and partial hours from an additonal term. When using grades from an additional term, choose highest grades in the odd term.

*Additonal guidelines:
Graduate level coursework is used if student has more than 24 credit hours at graduate level. If less than 24 hours graduate coursework, compute on the most recent 24 hour of undergraduate credit hours (graduate credit hours are ignored.)

GPA calculated only on transcripted hours from colleges accredited by one of the six regionally accrediting agiencies (i.e. SACS).  Colleges with other acceditation types are not used in calculation.

Developmental or remedial level courses in math, English, or reading are excluded in the gpa calculation.

Some colleges denote columns labeled "quality hours" in addition to "attempted hours." For such colleges, use "quality hours" in GPA calculations. For colleges not denoting "quality hours", use "attempted hours" in GPA calculations.