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VII. Facilities and Services         

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Maps for Wadley, Opelika, and Valley Campuses are also available on the Southern Union website.

Opelika Campus Map:

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  1. Any type of construction or renovation of campus facilities estimated to exceed $500,000 shall be submitted to the ACCS Board of Trustees for approval prior to any work beginning. The Chancellor shall be authorized to approve project cost overruns not to exceed ten (10) percent of the Board-approved project amount.  The Board shall be notified of any approved project increases made by the Chancellor. Preparation of plans and specifications and all work done in the construction, renovation, alteration, and improvement of buildings shall be supervised by the Alabama Building Commission, regardless of source of funds for the project.
  2. Following the completion of buildings, the ACCS Board of Trustees shall assume responsibility for ownership and the ACCS Board of Trustees shall assume the responsibility for operation, management, control, supervision, maintenance, regulation, upkeep, improvement, equipment, and enlargement of and additions to such buildings.
  3. The sale of any building must be approved by the ACCS Board of Trustees without regard to the estimated cost or value.  All building sale transactions require a minimum of two appraisals which must be conducted by certified property appraisers. Any purchase or sale of land shall be approved by the ACCS Board of Trustees without regard to the estimated cost or value.  All land transactions require a minimum of two appraisals which must be conducted by certified property appraisers.


Southern Union State Community College provides internet and email service to all faculty, staff, and students through computer labs, college libraries, and wireless access in specific locations throughout all campuses. Being consistent with its mission, Southern Union has invested in computing resources to provide students with reliable internet access that is readily available with current software that is used in a variety of courses.

These policies apply to all users of the college computers and network resources, including but not limited to, Southern Union students, faculty, staff, administrators, and guests of Southern Union. Users may be asked to provide proper identification upon using the school’s resources.

Acceptable Uses:

All college-provided computers shall be compliant with the educational purposes and goals of Southern Union. It is mandatory that all users conduct themselves in a responsible, ethical, and moral manner. All users must adhere to local, state, and federal laws and maintain a high standard of Internet use that is outlined in all parts of this policy. Use of the Internet and college computers and network resources within Southern Union is a privilege, and information attained from these computers shall be deemed the property of the College. Southern Union reserves the right to monitor and review any material on college computers at any time in order to determine inappropriate use.

Guidelines for Appropriate Use:

  1. Use of college computers is limited to educational purposes which include:  completing class assignments, educational advancement, and obtaining general  knowledge.
  2. The computers at Southern Union are not to be used to play games, participate in chat rooms, or any peer-to-peer activity used to transfer files.
  3. Southern Union will not be responsible for any lost or damaged data on removable disks. Users must save all files to their removable drives and no files should be saved to the college computers.
  4. Computers should not be used to display personal information or for the endorsing of political candidates.
  5. Any attempts to deface or alter any computer or network resource provided by Southern Union could result in disciplinary action.

Southern Union State Community College and The Alabama Supercomputer Authority reserve the right to monitor and review all traffic for potential violations of this policy and have authority to levy penalties that can result in the loss of computer access privileges or suspension and expulsion from the College.

Unacceptable Uses:

The use of internet resources should comply with ethical and legal standards. The following will be considered as unacceptable uses:

  1. It is not acceptable to use the internet/network for purposes which violate any federal or state law or college policy.
  2. It is unacceptable to use the internet/network for illegal purposes to include, but not be limited to, harassing, threatening, stalking, pornographic, or obscene materials.
  3. It is unacceptable to use the internet/network in a manner that disrupts normal network use and service. Such disruption would include, but is not limited to, the propagation of computer viruses, the violation of personal privacy, the unauthorized access to protected and private network resources, and the altering of system software and hardware configuration.
  4. It is not acceptable to use the internet/network for commercial activities including, but not limited to, commercial solicitation for business.
  5. Use for private or personal business is prohibited.
  6. Copyright infringement.

The user must be aware that information retrieved from the internet may not have been verified, validated, or authenticated by a properly credentialed source to assure its accuracy. Information accessed on the Internet or other computer software available is to be used in a professional and responsible manner.  Southern Union State Community College is not responsible for information which is considered offensive in nature or is misused by the user.


 Learning Resource Center Policies and Procedures

LRC Materials  Faculty and staff may check out LRC materials (including reference) for one semester and required to return them promptly when not needed.  Faculty are encouraged to submit requests for LRC acquisition and to review the holdings within individual areas. Requests should be submitted for review and recommendation through the respective instructional department.  The LRC must be reimbursed for lost materials.

Reserve Materials (print) Faculty members may place print materials (e.g., old tests, books, periodicals) on reserve at the circulation desk in the LRC.  Faculty are required to notify the LRC at least two days before such materials will be needed.  Faculty must specify the restrictions on the use and retention of materials for any hold period and are expected to assist the LRC staff in reinforcing the regulations applicable to reserved materials.

Intra-LRC Loans   Faculty and staff may borrow books and materials from others SUSCC Campus LRCs through Intra-LRC loan services.  Faculty must return these materials as soon as they have finished using them.  Requests for renewals must be submitted at least one week in advance.  Materials are loaned for one month.

Alabama Virtual Library   http://www.avl.lib.al.us  Faculty are strongly encouraged to utilize this online resource as part of their courses.  The AVL offers many excellent and various databases and references for student research and projects.  Computer stations are available in all three campus LRCs during operational hours.  Orientation classes are available through the campus librarian.

Audio-Visual Services

Audio-visual equipment belonging to the College is the responsibility of the LRC and staff and/or the various department chairs and is stored and maintained in the A-V Department (Wadley LRC, Opelika LRC, and Valley LRC) or the appropriate department to ensure equitable availability.  The following regulations have been established governing equipment use:

  • All equipment will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis; adequate planning for its use is essential.The LRC staff maintains a record of request for equipment, and faculty members should schedule its use at least two working days in advance.
  • It is the faculty member’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment is protected and maintained while it is in his or her custody.
  • Equipment which is defective or inoperative should be reported to the LRC staf so that it may be adjusted or repaired as quickly as possible.

Audio-Visual Materials  All non-print items of a permanent nature will be catalogued by the LRC.  A comprehensive list of audiovisual software is prepared and updated by the LRC staff and is available on web page for all faculty.


The bookstores at Southern Union State Community College are operated by Barnes and Noble College Booksellers, with a bookstore located on each campus. The bookstore offers new, used, digital, and rental books to help students save money. The bookstore also carries Southern Union apparel, gifts, class supplies, office supplies, snacks, and soft drinks.