Frequently Asked Questions

What prerequisites are there for Surgical Technology?

Applicants must have completed all developmental courses, if required, in English and math and meet the College’s reading requirement. It is highly recommended that students complete English 101, Math 100,  HPS 105, SUR 108 or HPS 114, SPH 106 or SPH107,  and anatomy & physiology before applying for the professional phase (SUR courses).

May I take the SUR courses before applying for admission to the program?

Students may take SUR 107, Surgical Anatomy & Pathophysiology and SUR 108, Pharamacology for the Surgical Technologist (or HPS 114 Basic Pharmacology) before admission to the program. Students on financial aid should be aware that their financial aid may not cover the cost of the SUR classes prior to admission to that program.

I took anatomy and physiology at another school. Will it transfer?

If the courses are equivalent to BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology I and BIO 202 Anatomy & Physiology II or BIO 111 Survey of Human Biology (previously SUR 107 Surgical Anatomy and Pathophysiology), it may transfer from an accredited school. You should contact the Health Sciences Advisor regarding transferability.

How many days will I be in class?

Usually four days per week, Monday-Thursday. First semester students will be in class, clinical & lab 4 days each week. During the 2nd semester, 3 days will be spent in clinical setting and 1 day in class.

How far will I have to travel for clinical?

Clinical experiences are scheduled primarily during the second (spring) semester of the program and students may be required to travel 60-70 miles in any direction from the Opelika Campus. Clinical experiences are required.

Will I be able to complete the Surgical Technology certificate and later complete the academics for the Associate in Applied Science Degree? Will I have to apply for the program again to complete the additional courses?

Students may complete the additional academics for the degree later and apply for the AAS degree without being admitted to the program again.

I took SUR 107 Surgical Anatomy & Pathophysiology for the certificate option. Can SUR 107 be used to complete the AAS degree in place of BIO 201 and 202?

No, BIO 201, Anatomy & Physiology I and BIO 202, Anatomy & Physiology II are required for the AAS degree. You should consult with the Health Sciences Advisor for questions about coursework for the degree.