Program Overview

The Industrial Electricity/Electronics Technology Program is designed to help students acquire skills needed to become an industrial electrician or an electronic technician. 

These technicians are involved in all phases of commercial and industrial repair and installation. Students will receive training in industrial electronics, solid state and digital fundamentals, programmable logic control and communications.

Students are also introduced to the theories and principles of the operation of electrical equipment, machines; and the installation and maintenance of motors, transformers, industrial controls, programmable logic controllers, and variable speed drives.  Students are involved in in-depth study of the National Electrical Code and preparation for credentialing testing. Students are required to participate in third party credentialing such as CET and third party assessments such as NOCTI prior to completion of this curriculum.


Instrumentation and Process Control Option:

The Instrumentation and Process Control option prepares individuals to apply electronics and technical skills in the fields of industrial control systems, automated systems, process controls, embedded microcontrollers, and data acquisition systems.  This option prepares individuals with knowledge and skills in the areas of AC/DC electronics, digital and analog circuits, use of electronic test equipment, use of computers for analysis and problem solving, reading electrical schematics and system diagrams, process and instrument diagrams, scientific methods, and problem solving skills.

Robotics and Automation Option:

The Robotics and Automation option prepares individuals for the manufacturing environment.  As production systems become more streamlined, the equipment that is used becomes more complex.  Today's manufacturer is looking for technicians who can troubleshoot, repair, maintain, and program manufacturing equipment.  The Robotics and Automation option provides training for these technicians.

Robotics and Automated Controls - Short Certificate

This short-term certificate is designed to provide skills in robotics, PLC's, and automated assembly systems.  Students who earn this certificate will have in-depth knowledge of FANUC robotics, Alan Bradley PLC's , and the integration of both through an automated work cell.  They will also gain the skills needed to repair computer hardware and set up computer networks.  Students will have the knowledge required to work as technicians in manufacturing facilites that use robotics and extensive automation.  This certificate program is subject to Title IV clock to credit hour conversion.