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Southern Union uses Google email (Gmail) for the College's student email services. By using Gmail students have access to many great applications such as Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, and more. To log in to your student gmail account, click on the "Student Email" icon on the homepage of the Southern Union website or use the generic Gmail sign-in page. Make sure when you log in that you include the @mail.suscc.edu with your username because this is how Gmail knows that it's a Southern Union account. Listed below is the format of all SUSCC student email accounts.


USERNAME:  First letter of your first name + Complete last name + 2 digit birthday + @mail.suscc.edu
PASSWORD: !SUSCC + six digit day of birth

Example:  John Smith who was born on September 3, 1980 would use
Username:  jsmith03@mail.suscc.edu

Password: !SUSCC090380 (the SUSCC is all caps)

* In the rare case of duplicate names and birthdays we will add 1 to the end of the username. Using the example above John would use jsmith031@mail.suscc.edu.

Most common reasons users cannot log in to their student email accounts:

1.      New students not allowing enough time for email account to be created. New email accounts will be created during the application process after you have submitted your photo ID to the Admissions Office.
2.   Not including@mail.suscc.edu at the end of your username.
3 Not including the first two letters of your last name after your Student ID Number.
4. Including a hyphen in your name. Canvas does not recognize hyphenated names. If your email address includes a hyphen, omit it when you log in to Canvas.
5. Using the name you go by rather than your first name. Some students go by their middle name. For email purposes you must use your official first name initial.
6. Not including a leading zero in the birthday section of your username. Students who were born between the 1st—9th will need to include the leading 0.
7. Changing names after application to the College. Your email is created during the application process and is not updated when you change your name on record. You should continue to use the same email address after your name change.
8. Two students with the same username (same first initial, last name and day of birth) are considered duplicates. Try adding a 1 at the end of the day of birth in your username.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: If you have tried all of these steps and are still unable to log in, please send an email to Brad Davis at bdavis@suscc.eduor support@suscc.edu. Make sure to include your Student ID Number, DOB, and Full Official Name when sending an email.

Use this quick link to go to Gmail log in page.

Google Privacy Policy

Note about mobile devices: If you have a smart phone the easiest way to receive emails to your phone is to use the Gmail App. Once you install the APP - log in using your complete Southern Union email address and password and you should start receiving emails. If you have multiple accounts, Gmail will list all accounts and you will need to select which account you would like to check.

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Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) with a user-friendly web interface that connect students and instructors for both traditional, hybrid and online courses.  To log in to the LMS account for Southern Union, click on the "Canvas" icon on the homepage of the Southern Union web site. (A Canvas app is also available for download on your mobile device however, a computer should be used to complete coursework for best results.)

Make sure when you log in for the first time that you use your complete and CORRECT Southern Union email address.  You should login to your SU email first to make sure you have the correct information.

USERNAME:  First letter of your first name + Complete last name + 2 digit birthday + @mail.suscc.edu

PASSWORD: Your eight-digit birthdate in MMDDYYYY format.  

Example:  John Smith who was born on September 3, 1980 and whose Student ID number is 206547 would use
Username:  jsmith03@mail.suscc.edu

Password:  09031980

Note: You will not be able to sign in to Canvas until your tuition is paid in full.  Students on a financial aid program that has not fully paid the required tuition will not be able to access Canvas.

Canvas updates occur periodically through the day to pick up students who have registered and paid. Please wait 4 hours after your tuition is paid before attempting to access Canvas. If these conditions have been met and you cannot log in to Canvas, please send an email to: support@suscc.edu


After you successfully log in to Canvas, if you experience problems viewing or accessing links or documents, you should assure that you are using one of the supported web browsers. Try a different browser. Some browsers like Internet Explorer, may not work appropriately with the Canvas LMS. The Chrome browser tends to work best with Canvas.

The Canvas interface was optimized for desktop displays, so using mobile devices such as phones and tablets may not work correctly. Canvas is not officially supported on mobile browsers. Click on the link below to find out what browsers are supported by Canvas.

Web Browser Requirements for Canvas

Canvas Technical Support

If you cannot login to Canvas, email support@suscc.edu. Include your official name on record, Southern Union email address and SU student number. Remember that you must be a registered and PAID student to access Canvas courses. Students on financial aid hold or other tuition payment hold will not be able to access their Canvas courses until payment has been processed. Some courses may not be available on Canvas until the first official day of class as indicated on the College Academic Calendar.

If you experience difficulty with links, viewing powerpoints or embedded videos, and accessing outside websites that your instructor has linked within Canvas, contact the instructor of the course.

Otherwise, if you experience problems with the Canvas interface while using one of the supported browsers, you may wish to use the 24/7 helpline or chat line by clicking on the link in the bottom left of your Canvas screen.

Go to the Canvas log in screen.

Read the Instructure Canvas Acceptable Use Policy.  (Click on the Acceptable Use Policy link on the login screen)

Accessibility within Canvas

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Respondus LockDown Browser™ is a secured browser used solely for taking online exams and quizzes for courses at Southern Union. If your instructor has chosen to require the Lockdown browser for their quiz or exam, you will need to install it one time on the computer you will use. Once installed, you simply open it, log in to Canvas and take your quiz. Please note: The Lockdown Browser does not open automatically if you attempt to enter a quiz using any other web browser. You must exit that browser and then open the Respondus Lockdown Browser either from the start-menu or the desktop icon. It will take you directly to the Canvas log in screen, where you can then log in and browse through your course to locate the exam. You should only use the Lockdown Browser for exams requiring it.

If you are taking quizzes or exams at home you will need to install the LockDown Browser on your home computer before taking any quizzes are exams. (Note that most employers will not allow you to install software on company computers.) Lockdown Browser prevents: • Printing quizzes • Copying quizzes • Using the internet to visit websites outside of your quiz • Accessing other applications on your computer

Please Note: The LockDown Browser should ONLY be used when required for taking online quizzes or exams. It should NOT be used to access any other course content or assignments. Remember the LockDown Browser limits access to many functions so it will not allow you to upload assignments, access publisher content or view powerpoints. The link to download and install the Lockdown Browser is provided below:

Instructions for Installing Respondus Lockdown Browser

System Requirements for Lockdown Browser

Link to install Lockdown Browser for SUSCC courses

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor Accessibility

Respondus Privacy Statement

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What is Respondus Monitor?

Respondus Monitor is a video monitoring tool that will allow for proctored, or supervised, exams that students will take online. Respondus Monitor can help ensure exam integrity for students taking their tests online outside of a testing center. A camera and microphone are required to use Respondus Monitor.

During the test start-up phase, students should be prepared to scan their surroundings to verify testing security. This can be accomplished by lifting and rotating your webcam or laptop computer to show all areas. You additionally should have a mirror on hand to show the back and underside of the computer. The mirror is also required for students using a desktop computer without a detachable webcam.

Respondus Monitor QuickStart Guide for Students

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Many of the online courses at SUSCC will use an online proctoring service for the final exam in the course. A charge of $20 per course is assessed for each online course to cover the cost of online proctoring. ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows exam takers to complete their assessment at home while still ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution.

ProctorU online proctoring works with both PC and Mac operating systems. No software install. Use your own computer, microphone and webcam (required)! ProctorU also provides free technical support to ensure you have the best testing situation possible. That is available at www.proctoru.com/testitout . On this page you will also be able to test your equipment, learn about what to expect during your proctoring session, and ask any questions you may have about the proctoring process with a ProctorU representative.

In order to use ProctorU you will need to have a high-speed internet connection, a webcam (internal or external), a windows or Apple Operating System, and a government issued photo ID (2 are strongly recommended).ProctorU recommends that you visit proctoru.com/testitout prior to your proctoring session to test your equipment. For additional technical services needed before your exam, you can click on the button that says “connect to a live person.”

When you login to take the test, you will need a photo ID and you will be required to pass an authentication quiz. If you do not have any public records related to your identity, you will be required to produce 2 forms of photo ID to verify your identity. You also need to have a hand-held mirror on hand to show the proctor the front and back of your computer screen so they can check the surroundings for testing security.

Click here to go to ProctorU log in page

Watch Video "How it Works" and "What to Expect"

Important Steps Before Taking Exams

Test your computer and FAQs

ProctorU Privacy Policy

ProctorU Accessibility Statement

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The mySUSCC Web Portal has changed to Ellucian (OneACCS Banner). This portal is where students will go to:

  • View Grades (grades are only posted at the end of the current term ) beginning Fall 2020
  • Add/Drop courses
  • View schedule
  • View financial aid processing
  • and more...

Your mySUSCC account is setup during the admission process and will remain active once you leave. You will need to login using the format below:

User ID: New Student A Number (ex, A00000000)
PIN: 6 digit DOB (MMDDYY)

Click here to go to log in screen for mySUSCC.

mySUSCC Technical Support:

If you cannot login you will need to contact the Records Office at admissions@suscc.edu or (256) 395-2211 Ext. 5157, 5183, 5354, or 5154.


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