Notice to previous Students:

If your account at Southern Union is on hold for a balance that could be up to several years old, Southern Union has Federal funds available for past due student balances. These funds are to pay off student accounts at Southern Union and to assist students in obtaining a transcript to further their education at another institution, apply for a job, or even come back to attend Southern Union. 

If you would like to have your balance at the college either reduced or paid in full, then please submit this form below.  The College will make an award from the Federal HEERF grant of up to $1,000 and apply this to your past due balance.

Click here to submit your request

Student Portal

User ID: SU email (include the
Password: the default password is !SUSCC followed by your six-digit birthday.

Example: John Smith was born on October 12, 2002
User ID:
Password: !SUSCC101202

Student mySUSCC Web Portal

**If you are a financial aid recipient, please use the link below to login**

  1. The user name will be your NEW student ID (A ########). 
  2. The PIN will be your six-digit date of birth (ex: MMDDYY)
  3. Below are the steps to use the new mySUSCC web portal:
    **If you have completed all parts of the admissions process, click STUDENT TAB, STUDENT LANDING PAGE, and SSB9- ADMITTED STUDENT to check your status and to view important financial aid information. If you have not completed the admissions application, move forward to step #4 listed below**
  4. SELECT Financial Aid tab or link: next
  5. SELECT and SUBMIT the award year
  6. SELECT the Student Requirements link or view other tabs for additional financial aid information

Employee Portal
User ID: SU email
Password: the same password you use to login to Ellucian or your computer on campus.

Employee mySUSCC Web Portal

If you are unable to login to the new mySUSCC portal use the link below to reset your password:

Click here to reset your password

If you are still unable to login please email Students will need to include their  A Number and DOB in the email.