Student Resources

Due to the school closures related to COVID19, it is necessary for all instruction to be conducted using online technology.  This instruction will take place on Canvas.  If you need information about finding and logging in to Canvas, visit the Online Services link on the SUSCC website.  

The information below will help you with using various forms of technology that may be used in your Canvas course.

Announcements and Messages:

It is important that you and your instructor have good consistent communication lines during this time.  It is also important that you try to keep communication inside the Canvas course.  Your instructor will, at times, make announcements to the entire class or send messages through the Canvas Inbox. You will find that announcements and messages are visible both in your Canvas course and sent to your SUSCC email unless you have altered the Notifications settings in your Canvas account.  View this video to learn how to use these Canvas communication tools.

Your instructor will have you complete various tasks in Canvas.  The links below open video tutorials for various features of Canvas.  You may also want to download the Canvas app to your phone for general use however it is not recommended that you use a mobile device for some parts of Canvas.

Canvas support is available 24/7

Canvas Support Hotline for students is available free of charge for you to use when you experience difficulties with doing something in Canvas like submitting an assignment.  Canvas support will not be able to open an assignment when the due date and time have passed and they will not be able to give you extra time on an assignment or quiz.  You must contact your instructor about details such as these.

Call 1-844-569-5690 or chat with Canvas Support

Chat with Canvas Support by clicking the Help button in the blue global navigation bar at the left side of the window while you are logged in to Canvas.  This is a free service for you!

Local Canvas support is also available remotely:

You can call (334) 745-6437, ext. 5516 or 5378.  If your call is not immediately answered, please leave a message and we will return your call.

Email, or

Course links in Canvas

Occasionally you might click on a link that has been placed in a course and it does not take you to the intended site.  This sometimes happens because the webpage or video has been taken down or moved.  For links within your course that do not work or take you to the wrong webpage, contact your instructor through Canvas Inbox and give details about what happened when you clicked the link.

Your instructor may decide to schedule a meeting using conferencing software.  The instructor will announce this to you and give directions for joining in your Canvas course.  

If your instructor uses Canvas conferencing, you will need to login to Canvas, navigate to your course and click the Conference link in the course navigation links.  Then click on the conference to join.  

Using Canvas Conferences:

If your instructor uses Google Meet, the directions for Google meet will help you connect.

Using Google Meet:

Google Drive – Your instructor may enable Google Drive in your Canvas course.  If so and if you have a Google account, Google Docs/Drive is just one of many services that Google offers that you can use with your Google account. With Google Docs you can create homework assignments such as essays and store them in the "Cloud" or Google Drive as Google calls it. 

Microsoft Office 365 – All students have access to a free version of Office 365 by creating a Microsoft account using their school email address. You can either use it in the cloud or download it. The link to create an account and/or login in is  Remember, you must sign up with your SUSCC email address.

Testing inside Canvas.  If you have never taken a test inside the Canvas environment, view the video above on Canvas Quizzes.  Your instructor may require the use of testing security software such as the Lockdown browser.  A detailed description of the browser can be found on the Online Services link.

Respondus Lockdown Browser, with or without Monitor (if Monitor is required, a webcam must be used)

At this time, it is required that testing in all classes be completed online.  For security during that online test, you may be required to use the Respondus Lockdown Browser.  If your instructor tells you to use the Lockdown Browser, you will must install some software on your computer before you will be able to take the test so see the information below for more details.

**Please note that Respondus Lockdown Browser requires a software download and therefore does not work with Chromebooks or similar computers where downloads are controlled by the operating system.  Many employers have network settings that prohibit the install and use of any downloads.  You may not use the browser on any phone or most tablets.  Respondus does work with iPad if your instructor allows tablets to be used.  It does not work on other tablets.

Respondus Quick Start Guide for Students

Watch this brief video about installing the Lockdown Browser (includes the download link also)

If you have a problem with Respondus, read the notice above about computers and devices that do not work with Respondus.  If your issue is not addressed, visit the Respondus Support to submit a support ticket 

ProctorU live proctoring service

A webcam and microphone are required. You must have a high-speed internet service during your online testing. The testing session will be recorded for your protection.

Be familiar with the requirements found on this ProcturU document prior to connecting with a ProctorU technician.

These computers will not work with PROCTORU: 

  • Google Chromebooks 
  • Tablets (Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc.)
  • Linux operating systems
  • Windows 10 in S mode or Surface RT
  • No running inside a virtual machine. You will be asked to reconnect using your host operating system to take your exam

Watch this brief video about using ProctorU 


How to email or chat with support:

If you are trying to take a test and have a problem, email  During business hours, you can access live chat for assistance. 

In the event you are unable to connect with ProctorU during your scheduled testing session, email  If it was determined that you did try to connect and could not, we will try to assist you in getting a different appointment time.  If you miss your appointment, chances are that you will not be able to reschedule due to the volume of online testing at this time.