Program Information

Program Information

Radiologic Technology

Students who are interested in the Radiologic Technology program must meet the minimal admission requirements and apply for admission to the program by the published application deadline.

Application Deadlines: April 1st for fall admission
Program Location:  Opelika Campus   

Accreditation: The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
Maximum 8 year accreditation awarded 09/2017

20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, Illinois 60606-3182
Phone: 312-704-5300

Degree Earned: Associate in Applied Science 

Program Length: Five semesters (75 semester credit hours)

Credentials Earned:  Registered Technologist, Radiography, and RT(R) following successful passage of the certifying examination of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. 

Helpful Student Resources

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Essential Functions
Background Checks and Drug Screens
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Mission Statement, Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes
Program Effectiveness Data

Radiologic Technology Curriculum

Semester I - Fall 

Course Number Course Description Credit Hours
MTH 100 Intermediate College Algebra or higher level math 3
BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
RAD 111 Introduction to Radiography 2
RAD 112 Radiologic Technology Procedures I 4
RAD 113 Patient Care 2
RAD 114 Clinical Education I 2
Total   17

Semester II - Spring 

Course Number Course Description Credit Hours
BIO 202* Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
RAD 122 Radiologic Technology Procedures II                   4
RAD 124 Clinical Education II 5
RAD 125 Imaging Equipment 3
Total   16

Semester III - Summer 

Course Number Course Description Credit Hours
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
RAD 134 Clinical Education III 5
RAD 135 Exposure Principles 3
RAD 136 Radiation Protection & Biology                        2
Total   13

Semester IV - Fall 

Course Number Course Description Credit Hours

ENG 102
SPH 107
SPH 106

English Composition II
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Fundamentals of Oral Communication                    

PSY 200 General Psychology 3
RAD 212 Image Evaluation & Pathology 2
RAD 214 Clinical Education IV 8
Total   16

Semester V - Spring 

Course Number Course Description Credit Hours
HUM *** Humanities or Fine Arts Elective **(see list below)                             3
RAD 224 Clinical Education V 8
RAD 227 Review Seminar 2
Total   13

*BIO 201 is a prerequisite for BIO 202, Anatomy & Physiology II.

**Most courses from Area II of the Alabama General Studies Curriculum (AGSC) can be used to satisfy the humanities  or fine arts elective requirement. The courses taught at SUSCC that can be used for the elective are: ART 100, Art Appreciation; MUS 101, Music Appreciation; THR 120, Theater Appreciation; IDS 102, Ethics; HUM 101, Introduction to Humanities;  ENG 271 or 272, World Literature; REL 151, Survey of Old Testament; or REL 152, Survey of New Testament. If you are transferring from other colleges or universities, you should check with an Academic Advisor regarding transfer of your course(s).

Note: It is highly recommended that courses in bold be completed prior to program admission.

Comprehensive Examinations Information

At the end of each semester, students will be given a comprehensive exam. This exam will be administered in the clinical education course for that semester.  The exam will be based on all course work for that semester and all (if any) previous course work. The exam will be administered two (2) to four (4) times during the final exam period for that semester. Students may take the exam up to three (3) times semesters one, two, and four, and twice during the third semester (Third semester is a ten (10) week summer semester). The highest score for that semester will be used for the student’s comprehensive exam percentage that semester. The percentage for each semester will be determined by the faculty for that particular semester.

Semester 1 Comprehensive Exam – RAD 111, RAD 112, RAD 113, RAD 114

Semester 2 Comprehensive Exam - RAD 111, RAD 112, RAD 113, RAD 114, RAD 122 , RAD 125

Semester 3 Comprehensive Exam - RAD 111, RAD 112, RAD 113, RAD 114, RAD 122 , RAD 125, RAD 135, RAD 136

Semester 4 Comprehensive Exam - RAD 111, RAD 112, RAD 113, RAD 114, RAD 122 , RAD 125, RAD 135, RAD 136, RAD 212