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Nursing Transfer Policy 

Students wishing to transfer must:

  1.  Meet the entry and progression requirements of the institution and the nursing program including a GPA of 2.0 are higher and an ACT score of 18 or higher.
  2.  Provide evidence that all required general education and nursing courses maintain a grade of C or better taken at another institution and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA in all previous college coursework.  Alabama Community College System Standardized Nursing Curriculum courses will be transferred without review of the course syllabus.  Nursing courses from any other institution are accepted only after review by the accepting institution to ensure content consistency.
  3. Must be a student in good standing and eligible to return to the previous nursing program as indicated by letter of good standing from the Dean/Director of the previous program.
  4.  Must occur within one year from the last clinical course.
  5. Complete at least 25% of the total program at the accepting institution.
  6. Acceptance of transfer students into nursing programs is limited by the number of faculty and clinical facilities available.  Meeting minimal requirements does not guarantee acceptance.
  7. Validation of skills and knowledge may be required to determine program placement.  
  8. Must meet acceptability criteria for placement at clinical agencies for clinical experiences.

                      To request a transfer application, please email


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