Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission test for paramedic?
Not at this time. 

What are the prerequisites for paramedic?
Paramedic applicants must hold a current Alabama AEMT license. Applicants must also have completed any developmental requirements in English, math or reading if needed. Students entering the paramedic level of the program must have completed either BIO111, Survey of Human Biology, EMP 189, Applied Anatomy and Physiology for the Paramedic, or BIO 201, Anatomy and Physiology I with a C or greater prior to admission to the program. It is recommended that you complete math 100 or higher and English 101 prior to the program.

How long is the paramedic program?
The paramedic level takes 3 semesters after admission to the program. The program begins in the summer semester or spring semester as needed.

How many days must I attend class, lab or clinic?
Paramedic classes typically meet 3 days per week during the day or evening. Clinic is scheduled on an individual basis. Classes may be offered day or evening as needed.

When must anatomy be completed for the paramedic program?
Anatomy & physiology (either BIO 111, EMP 189 or BIO 201) must be completed BEFORE admission to the paramedic program. Those students who chose to take BIO 201 instead of BIO 111 (previously EMP 189), must complete BIO 202 before the final semester of the paramedic program.

I took anatomy at another school. Will it transfer?
Possibly. If the courses are equivalent to BIO 201, Anatomy & Physiology I and BIO 202, Anatomy & Physiology II (for the A.A.S. degree) or equivalent to the BIO 111, Survey of Human Biology or EMS 189, Applied Anatomy & Physiology for the Paramedic (for the certificate option), it may transfer from an accredited school. You should contact the Health Sciences Advisor regarding transferability.

What happens if I do not pass my criminal background check or drug screen?
Students who do not pass either the background check or drug screen are administratively withdrawn from the program. No tuition refunds are granted if the time is after the published college refund dates.

I have completed my AEMT training but have not yet passed the licensure exam. May I go ahead and begin the paramedic program?
No, students are not allowed to enter the paramedic level until they have passed the AEMT licensure exam.