Faculty & Staff


Name Title Email Extension
Rhonda Davis, MSN, RN                      Dean of Health Sciences rdavis@suscc.edu 5511
Kayla Whaley Advisor/Recruiter kwhaley@suscc.edu 5519
Gloria Davis Health Sciences Receptionist    gdavis@suscc.edu  
Melinda Clanton Assistant to the Dean mclanton@suscc.edu 5514
Chiquita Brooks Health Sciences Clerk cbrooks@suscc.edu 5547
Alyson Skinner Health Sciences Admissions  askinner@suscc.edu          5515            

Emergency Medical Services Department

Name Title Email Extension
Steve Simpson, BSBA, NRP                 Program Director ssimpson@suscc.edu          5533            
Greg Brewer, BS, NRP Faculty  gbrewer@suscc.edu 5518
Christopher Downs, BS, NRP Faculty cdowns@suscc.edu 5546
Jessica Duncan, BS, NRP Faculty jduncan@suscc.edu 5545/5841 
Richard Pike, BS, NRP Faculty rpike@suscc.edu 5520
Nick Ray, BS, RN, NRP Faculty/Clinical Coordinator    nickray@suscc.edu 5527

Nursing Department

Name Title Email Extension
Lisa Shiver, DNP, RN                                     Chair of Nursing lshiver@suscc.edu    5542          
Mary John Brown, MSN, RN Faculty mbrown@suscc.edu 5195
Kellie Byrd, MSN, RN, CNOR Faculty kbyrd@suscc.edu 5531
Tawyna Cash, MSN, RN Faculty tcash@suscc.edu 5539
Tonya Caypless, MSN, RN Faculty tcaypless@suscc.edu 5176
Tiffani Chidume, MSN, RN, CCRN Faculty tchidume@suscc.edu 5550
Sarah Faison, MSN, RN, CRNP Faculty sfaison@suscc.edu 5549
Sarah Howell, MSN, RN Faculty showell@suscc.edu 5543
Stephanie Huff, DNP, RN, FNP-BC                               Faculty         shuff@suscc.edu                5537
Jan Martin, MSN, RN, FNP Faculty jmartin@suscc.edu 5541
Brandi McCoy, MSN, RN  Faculty bmccoy@suscc.edu 5544
Chris Reed, MSN, RN Faculty creed@suscc.edu 5532
Stacie Stokes, MSN, RN Faculty sstokes@suscc.edu 5540
Penny Walden, MSN, RN Faculty pwalden@suscc.edu 5534

Radiography Department

Name Title Email Extension
Mary Catherine Herndon, M.A., R.T.(R)                        Program Director mherndon@suscc.edu 5538          
Buddy Glidewell .S.R.S., R.T.(R), (MR)       Faculty bglidewell@suscc.edu      5517
Josh Tucker B.S., R.T.(R), (MR) Ajunct Faculty jtucker@suscc.edu  

Surgical Technology Department

Name Title Email Extension
Timothy Lester, CST, BS, MHM                                    Program Director   tlester@suscc.edu    5536        
Carolyn Norton, CST/CFA                                    Adjunct Faculty cnorton@suscc.edu          5556