Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness department offers over 30 different courses in health, physical education, nutrition, medical terminology and physical therapy assistant combined.  Many of our courses are taught on all three campuses, or online, which provides convenience for both traditional and non-traditional students. 

Our health and wellness courses are great for students wishing to go into any health science programs, as well as students wishing to transfer to 4 year schools where a Wellness course is required as part of a degree.    

A Wellness and Personal Trainer Certificate is offered to give the student a basic foundation of course work needed to immediately work in a health club, fitness center, hospital,  or gym.  It is targeted towards individuals wishing to pursue a 4-year degree in exercise science, health promotions, health and physical education, athletic training, sports management or similar field.  Upon completion of this certificate, the student will be well versed in wellness and be prepared to sit for the American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Test.  The ACSM is the most prestigious personal trainer certifying organization, which is recognized in all 50 states.  This is a 29 hour certificate that can be completed within three semesters.     

Students have an opportunity to earn 2 different certificates. Students may earn the Wellness Certificate (18 hours) and the Wellness and Personal Trainer Certificate (19 hours).

Wellness and Personal Trainer Brochure (29 hours)

Wellness Certificate Curriculum (18 Hrs)

Must take the following 5 courses (15 hours) plus 3 hours from next section for 18 hour certificate:

Course # Course Title Credit hours
HED 140/PED 224   *Nutrition 3
PED 100 *Fundamentals of Fitness 3
HED 231 *First Aid 3
HED 221 *Personal Health 3
HED 222 *Community Health 3

For additional 3 or 4 credit hours, choose any course(s) below for hours 16-18

Course # Course Title Credit hours
PED 200 Foundations of Physical Education 3
HED 226 *Wellness
HED 232 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
HPS 105 *Medical Terminology 3
BUS 100 *Introduction to Business 3
PTA 100 Introduction to Physical Therapy 2
HPS 110 *Introduction to Healthcare 2
PED Elective PED course of your choice  

Total Credit Hours for Wellness Certificate


Wellness and Personal Trainer Certificate 29 hours)

Must take the following 3 courses (11 hours) along with the Wellness Certificate (above)

Course Number Credit Hours
BIO 201 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 202 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
PED 223 Methods of Instruction 3

Total Credit Hours for Wellness &
Personal Trainer Certificate


Many courses are taught face-to-face and online. (* indicates online course)

These courses are all within the Associate in Science degree plan (Area V).

*BIO 201 is a prerequisite for BIO 202.
*BIO 202 is a prerequisite for PTA 220 and PED 223.
*Students may take any classes within the program at any time except for PTA 220 and PED 223.
*Students must see Advisor Jeremy Taunton to be admitted into PTA 220 and PED 223.