Emergency Medical Services Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program.  The EMS program is made up of three levels, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT),  Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT),  and Paramedic. The EMT level is taught every semester. Southern Union offers a day and/or evening EMT option. The evening program is offered three nights a week and the day program is taught for two or three days per week.

The Advanced EMT (AEMT) is the second level of EMS licensure and is offered fall and spring semesters. EMT licensure is required prior to the AEMT level. The AEMT has an advanced scope of practice over the EMT.

The Paramedic level, which lasts three semesters, admits students in the spring and/or summer. Classes may be scheduled day and/or evening, as needed.  EMT and AEMT licensure must be earned prior to admission to the paramedic level.

Steven A. Simpson, BSBA, NREMT-P.
Program Director