Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment offers exciting opportunities for students to work on their Associate in Science degree and their bachelor's degree at the same time.  It puts students on a quicker and more cost-effective pathway to achieving their educational goals.

What is concurrent enrollment?

Students attend Southern Union and a 4-year institution simultaneously.

What are the benefits of participating in concurrent enrollment?

  • Students earn college credits at the community college and university levels concurrently.

  • Students save time and money as they are more likely to complete their bachelor's degree within four years.

  • Students qualify for automatic admission to a 4-year university upon completion of concurrent enrollment.

  • Students are charged Southern Union's tuition rate for all courses taken at the 4-year university during concurrent enrollment (for the majority of the concurrent enrollment agreements).  

What majors are available through concurrent enrollment?

The available degree pathways are outlined on the following concurrent enrollment pages for each of the 4-year institutions in which Southern Union has a concurrent enrollment agreement.

How does a student get started in concurrent enrollment?

Applications to participate are available on the following concurrent enrollment pages.  Applications will be accepted until the published deadline or until the program is full.

For additional information, contact Tyler Laye, Director of Academic Programs, at