Associate in Science (Academic Transfer)

The Academic Division at Southern Union State Community College offers the Associate in Science (A.S.) and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees.  Students may also earn Certificates in some curriculum areas. Academic Division departments include Business, Child Development, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences. 

Since Southern Union is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the College’s academic courses, dependent upon an individual’s program of study, are transferable to other colleges and universities.  All academic courses are taught by fully qualified instructors with a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Through an articulation agreement between Alabama two- and four-year colleges and universities, two-year college students completing a planned university parallel program in Areas I - IV of the Associate in Science degree plus Area V courses that are appropriate to their major and/or degree program, are guaranteed junior status upon transferring to the upper division college.

Associate in Science
General Education Core

Area I: CR  
  Written Composition I and II 6  
     ENG 101 and ENG 102 (A minimum grade of "C" is required.)    
Area II: CR  
  Humanities and Fine Arts 12  
  Must complete a minimum of 3 semester hours in Literature:    
     ENG 251 and/or ENG 252 or ENG 271 and/or ENG 272    
     *Must complete a 6 semester hour sequence either in literature or in history (Area IV)*    
  Must complete 3 semester hours in Fine Arts:    
     ART 100, MUS 101, THR 120 or THR 126    
  Must complete 3 semester  hours:    
     SPH 106, SPH 107, and/or IDS 102 (Dependent upon major)    
  Remaining semester hours to be selected from the following:    
     ART 100, ENG 251, ENG 252, ENG 271, ENG 272, HUM 101, MUS 101, REL 151, REL 152,    
     SPA 101, SPA 102, SPH 106, SPH 107, THR 120, GRN 101, GRN 102    
Area III:     CR  
  Natural Science and Mathematics   11-12        

Must complete a minimum of 3 semester hours in
Mathematics at the Precalculus Algebra (MTH 112) or 
Finite Math (MTH 110) lever or higher.

Must complete 8 semester hours* in Natural Sciences (dependent upon major) which must include laboratory experience.  Choose from the following:

     AST 220, BIO 101*, 102, or BIO 103*, 104, CHM 104*, 111*, 112,     
     PHS 111, 112, PHY 201, 202, OR PHY 213, 214    
  *Note: BIO 101 and BIO 103 cannot be taken together to fulfill the
science requirements of Area III.   CHM 104 and CHM 111 may not be taken together to fulfill the science requirements of Area III.
Area  IV: CR  
  History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences  12  
  *Must complete a minimum of 3 semester hours in History.    
     HIS 101 and/or HIS 102 OR HIS 201 and/or HIS 202    
     *Must complete a 6 semester hour sequence either in literature (Area II) or in history*    
  Must complete a minimum of 6 semester hours from among other disciplines in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Choose from the following courses:    
     ECO 231, ECO 232, GEO 100, POL 211, PSY 200, PSY 210, or SOC 200    
Area I-IV CR  
  General Education Requirements 41  
Area V: CR  
  Pre-Professional, Pre-Major, and Elective Courses *19-23  
  Courses appropriate to the degree requirements and major of the individual
student and electives.

Students completing courses that have been approved for the General Studies Curriculum and are appropriate to their major and/or degree program may transfer these courses with credit applicable to their degree program among two-year and four-year colleges and universities. (See an academic advisor or Internet

Area I - V:   CR  
General Studies Curricula   ** 60 -64  
Maximum Program Semester Credit Hours      64  

*Must complete a 6 semester hour sequence either in Literature or in History. The sequence in Area II and IV in Literature or History needs to follow the sequence requirements according to the students’ major and transfer plans.


**Respective programs of study for baccalaureate degrees at Alabama Public Universities range from 120-128 semester credit hours in length. Dependent upon the total hours allocated for the bachelor’s degrees, institutions in The Alabama College System are authorized to provide only 50 percent of that total (60-64 hours).

These requirements are now effective for all students entering Southern Union.