Transfer Students

10 Easy Steps to Enrolling for Transfer Students

Have you previously attended a regionally accredited college or university and wish to transfer to Southern Union to continue your education? We are proud you have chosen Southern Union for the next step in your educational journey.


The Admissions Office must receive appropriate identification to complete the admission process. Click here for guidelines for submitting appropriate identification documents.  Within a week or two, you will receive your admission packet in the mail containing your A number (student number) and your student email address. Please check your student email for any notifications regarding your application. Your student email  account will be available by entering your email address and password. 
*If you have problems accessing your student email, please email and tell them you cannot log in to email. Be sure to provide your name, email, A number, and birthday. 

  1. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal  Student Aid).
  2. Apply for student loans

Student registration dates are published in the Student Handbook and Catalog and the  Academic Calendar on the website. Steps 1-5 must be complete before your advising appointment. 

Sign-up for an individual advising appointment by clicking on the button below. Meetings can either be in-person or virtual. 

Schedule an Appointment

Virtual meetings: Virtual meetings will take place on Google Meet. Access to a webcam and microphone is helpful to utilize this service. To comply with FERPA regulations, students will be required to show a valid photo ID before each appointment. 

In-Person Meetings: In-person appointments will be available for certain dates. Masks and social distancing are required for an in-person appointment.  

Transfer students should bring unofficial transcripts to the advising meeting.

Your academic advisor will help you register for classes or advise you on how to register on the web.

Verify with the Cashier’s Office that your payment has been received if paying cash or using a debit or credit card.  If using financial aid, verify that the tuition and fees have been paid in full (Some types of aid and scholarships do not pay 100% of the fees.)

Students using financial aid to purchase books may charge them through the campus bookstore following a 24 hour waiting period after scheduling classes. Books for financial aid recipients are sold during a designated schedule each semester which is posted in the financial aid office or bookstore. Students must present a SUSCC Student ID to charge books to financial aid.

Attend classes!