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Current Students

Tutoring Services

The Student Success Center located on the Opelika Campus offers free, one-on-one assistance for all writers at Southern Union. Our highly trained staff of Writing Coaches are available to assist with any kind of writing, whether it’s for an English course or for courses other than English.  Coaching is also available on the Wadley and Valley Campuses.

Math tutoring is available for the following math classes:

MTH 098 Elementary Algebra
MTH 100 Intermediate College Algebra
MTH 110 Finite Math
MTH 112 Pre-Calculus Algebra
MTH 113 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
MTH 115 Pre-Calculus Algebra & Trigonometry

MTH 120 Calculus and Its Applications
MTH 125 Calculus I
MTH 126 Calculus II
MTH 227 Calculus III
MTH 231 Math for Elementary School Teacher I
MTH 232 Math for Elementary School Teacher II

MTH 237 Linear Algebra
MTH 238 Applied Differential Equations 
MTH 246 Mathematics of Finance

Science tutoring is also available for:


CHM 104 Intro-Inorganic Chemistry

CHM 111 College Chemistry 
CHM 112 College Chemistry 


BIO 101 Introduction to Biology I

BIO 102 Introduction to Biology II

BIO 103 Principles of Biology I

BIO 104 Principles of Biology II

BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

In order to maximize our student’s time and to provide more personalized attention, students are encouraged to make an appointment to work with a tutor. Walk-ins are also available on a first come-first served basis. Group study sessions are also available by appointment. 

Set a Tutoring Appointment

Cancel a Tutoring Appointment

Tutoring Schedules for Fall 2019

Opelika Campus   

Valley Campus     

Wadley Campus   






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