Tuition and Fees

Students must pay tuition and fees in full at the time of registration to ensure their names are placed on class rolls and to attend classes.

2020/2021 Tuition and Fee Schedule

2021/2022 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Important Financial Aid Dates for Fall 2021

Tuition/Fee Payments: Cash, checks, MasterCard/Visa/ Discover credit or debit cards and various forms of financial aid and scholarships are accepted as forms of tuition/fee payment. Students may pay online or in person with the cashier.

Students registering during the late registration period must pay a $25 late fee.

Students who increase their credit hours during the drop/add period will pay additional tuition and fees based on the credit hours added. Students who reduce their credit hours during the drop/add period will receive a tuition and fees refund for the credit hours dropped. The refund will be made at mid-term. After the end of the drop/add period, students who reduce their credit hours without withdrawing from the college will receive no tuition refund. Students may not drop classes to zero credit hours without withdrawing from college.

Disbursement of Student Checks: Checks are issued for tuition refunds. All student checks are mailed from the Wadley campus business office. Only students living in the residence hall may pick up their checks. To ensure proper delivery, please verify your mailing address is correct. You may change your address in the records office on any campus. If you fail to receive your student check, a replacement check may be requested for issuance 21 days after the check was originally mailed. The College will contact you at the telephone number we have on file if a check is returned to the College. 


Follow the steps HERE to sign up for eRefund/direct deposit:

  1. login to My SUSCC
  2. Click Student tab
  3. Click Student Account
  4. Click Touchnet Bill & Payment - that will take you to the Touchnet website where you need to login again with your A number and same PIN as you login to MySUSCC
  5. Select Refunds tab on top 
  6. Enroll into Two step verification
  7. Select how you want to receive a verification code 
  8. After receiving a verification code you should be able to enter your bank |direct deposit information for eRefund.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact

Withdrawal from the College: Students who totally withdraw from the college may complete an official college withdrawal form in person or withdraw online on the mysuscc portal. Refunds for total withdrawal are processed at mid-term. The college charges a 5% administrative fee on total tuition and fees when processing a withdrawal. The following percentages of tuition (including administrative fees) are refunded for complete withdrawals:

FALL 2020


 Full Term 

 Mini 1

 Mini 2

 100% Refund  Through Aug 16  Through Aug 16  Through Oct 11
 75% Refund  Aug 17-20   Aug 17-18   Oct 12-13
 50% Refund  Aug 21-26   Aug 19-20   Oct 14-15
 25% Refund  Aug 27-Sept 1   Aug 21-24   Oct 16-19
 No Refund  After Sept 1  Aug 24   Oct 19




 Full Term 

 Mini 1

 Mini 2

 100% Refund Through Jan 5 Through Jan 5 Through  Mar 2
 70% Refund  Jan 6 - Jan 12  Jan 6 - Jan 7  Mar 2 - Mar 3
 45% Refund  Jan 13 - Jan 19  Jan 8 - Jan 11  Mar 4 - Mar 7
 20% Refund  Jan 20 - Jan 26  Jan 12 - Jan 13  Mar 8 - Mar 9
 No Refund  After Jan 26  Jan 13  Mar 9




 Full Term & Mini 1

 Mini 2

 Seven Week

 100% Refund  Through May 18  Through June 27  Through June 1
 70% Refund  May 19-20   June 28-29   June 2-3
 45% Refund  May 21-25   June 30 -July 1   June 4-8
 20% Refund  May 26-27   July 2-7   June 9-10
 No Refund  After May 27  After July 7   After June 10


FALL 2021


 Full Term & Mini 1

 Mini 2

 100% Refund  Through August 15, 2021  Through October 10
 70% Refund  August 16-22  October 11-12
 45% Refund  August 23-29  October 13-14
 20% Refund  August 30 September 5  October 15-19
 No Refund  After September 5  After October 19